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Coronary Stenosis

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Coronary Stenosis is that situation in which a coronary artery got lessened and backed up in the company of materials like cholesterol or fat. Coronary artery is a blood container situated in the heart. The providing of blood to the heart is done by the coronary artery. If the artery got tapered, it can harshly affect the heart and its functioning, and possibly become critical. If the coronary artery got wounded, then it may result in Coronary Stenosis.

The solid material known as cholesterol get connect to the interior of blood vessels, affecting their capability to bring blood to the heart. The coronary artery got damaged due to the presence of cholesterol in the blood. Due to the presence of the large amount of cholesterol, the blood pressure also got increased. Smoking of cigarettes can also do the same, because of the presence of nicotine in cigarettes. As the nicotine makes the blood vessels lessened and blocked.

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Coronary Artery Stenosis

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The coronary artery stenosis occurs due to the atherosclerosis that takes place in epicardial coronary arteries. The Atherosclerotic plaques affect the blood flow also narrow down that coronary artery lumen. The decrease in the coronary artery may give symptoms or not. It could occur during rest or while involving in any physical activity. This heart disease has resulted in increase number of death rate. Still now appropriate measures have to be taken minimizing the risk of heart failure in people.

According to the studies of American stroke Associations and American Heart Association, the heart disease has become the major cause of death among men and women. The statistic shows that 1.4 million people died every year in 2001 and one in three died in United States in 2003. The coronary artery stenosis is an inveterate process that starts from adult age and continues throughout the life. Any people could suffer from artery disease. The people whose history consists of the risk factors were mostly suffered from the coronary disease. Those people who smoke, have hypertension, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and obesity were mostly targeted. These are some of the major risk factors that arouse the inflammatory process that resulted in the fibrous atherosclerotic plaque.

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Left Main Coronary Stenosis

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The majority of patients suffering from Left Main Coronary Stenosis go through an immediate coronary artery bypass surgery, without having much information about the risk factors which result in cardiac proceedings between surgery and angiographic diagnosis. According to the reviews by approximately 1700 cases of bypass grafting of coronary artery, only 98 of them are executed in patients with this disease. These patients were categorized in one of two groups- uneventful waiting or eventful waiting. The cases of critical, cardiac events are analyzed during the free time between angiography and surgical procedure.

Some patients experienced major cardiac events during the surgery, but, none died. The occurrence of strict cardiac events is rare, in the patients waiting for bypass grafting of coronary artery. Some of the watchfully selected patients with strict coronary disease safely await the surgery. The severe cases of this disease signify a high peril for cardiac events. For that reason, the patients with such conditions can prefer as an immediate bypass grafting of coronary artery.

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Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis ( LMCA )

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Coronary artery disease had spread in a larger number among the people worldwide. According to statistics, about 50 percent of the patients suffered from left main coronary artery stenosis. Many of the people possess the risk of the heart failure due to blockage in vessels that mainly occurs at the left main coronary artery. This could only be protected if the patent bypasses graft or the collateral flow to the left anterior be preferred. Researches were done to find out an effective treatment procedure and what comes out of it before revascularization was the prognosis available for patients. Later on, coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) was considered as a better treatment for treating coronary artery that serves with positive outcomes.

During the left main coronary artery stenosis those patients who are at high risk of CABG were kept away from the Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Most of the people who are suffered from left main coronary artery were given an urgent bypass grafting. The patients who undergo through the bypass grafting were rarely having cardiac problems. Those patients who face such problems need to be giving emergency bypass grafting. Left coronary artery is a serious disease that needs to be treated soon. Those patients who have Left Main Coronary Artery Stenosis ( LMCA ) have to undergo through the severe pain. They have to deal with high complications that occur during their treatment. To prevent LMCA angioplasty may be done that would help in improving the patient condition.

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