Stenosis Coronary Arteries

Stenosis Coronary Arteries as one the deadliest heart disease that has ever existed in humans. Millions of people suffer from this deadly disease. This disease results in serious heart attack and stroke conditions that can lead a patient to his or her death. Several people die due to heart attacks or stroke that occurs due to this dangerous disease. Many surgery procedures have been invented to prevent a patient from getting into such mess of a situation.

Initially, the patients experienced a serious increase in (PCI) Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.
Doctors also noticed patients declining to go through bypass grafting. All these factors contributed a lot in the evolution of cardiac surgery for patients suffering from stenosis coronary arteries. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting has received some major implications on its working procedure. This surgery has not been able to deliver successful results, and it has not been among the surgeries that gets the acceptance of most patients.
Stenosis Coronary Arteries
How threatening and dangerous is the stenosis coronary arteries ?
Coronary arteries do the job of supplying nourished and fresh blood to the heart. It does that by surrounding the heart from all sides. It also has to pump up the blood in other parts of the body. Heart also needs oxygenated and fresh blood for working properly, just like any other organ. When these arteries get obstructed, then this condition results in causing coronary artery disease.

This can be the condition when the heart is required to transfer fresh rejuvenated blood to different parts of the body when they perform strenuous activity for a long time. In this situation, the heart also requires sufficient amount of blood, so that it can fulfill all the requirement of blood in other parts of the body. However, coronary artery on the heart has constrictions that disable it from receiving blood in large quantities. This insufficiency in blood supply can create pressure in muscles of the heart. Muscles suffer from deprivation of oxygen, and this situation can be termed as myocardial ischemia.

Stenosis Coronary Arteries Signs and symptoms
Most common and early symptoms of stenosis coronary arteries include angina, and difficulty in breathing. There can also be situations when both of them can appear at the same time convenient. Angina can make the patient experience things like tightness, chest squeakiness, or squeeze in the jaws, chests or in the arms. Intensified activities by the body can also lead to angina symptoms. Other factors like stress, wrong diet, and changing temperatures can also contribute a lot in angina symptoms.

It is not essential that every patient suffering from stenosis coronary arteries will have symptoms or signs of disease. Some patients can experience little pain in the chest, and some can also experience heavy and continuous pain on the chest. No matter what symptoms or signs a person has experienced, this disease will create a lot of difficulties in your everyday activities. A lot of patients are there that have gone through heart attack or stroke without experiencing any signs or symptoms of this deadly disease.

Stenosis Coronary Arteries
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