Right Coronary Artery Stenosis

Right Coronary Artery Stenosis has become a leading reason for death in men and women both. Studies show that around 50 % people suffer from heart disease even if not having any history. The first sign of the right coronary heart disease could be the sudden cardiac death. Sometimes the disease left unrecognized. The people fail to identify its symptoms. When a person came to know its symptoms it reaches its advance stage. The chance to cure the disease even gets missed due to lack of symptoms recognition.

People need to know its symptoms and visit a doctor when they started noticing its symptoms. The risk factor would thereby gets reduce. The traditional coronary disease risk factors were known by the people. One should start avoiding the habit that leads them to the coronary disease. Many people were suffered from the cardiac disease due to the lack of knowledge of risk factors.
Right Coronary Artery Stenosis
Those people who have right coronary artery stenosis were mostly suffered from lyocardia infarctions. This would result in failure of plaque that would lead the patient to acute thrombosis. One should wait for any symptoms as this coronary lesion does not give any signs. The coronary artery stenosis is a heart disease that mainly occurs due to the narrowing of the artery. To know about it, a person has been diagnosed by the coronary heart disease (CHD). Alone this would not be enough. CHD has resulted in the large number of death rate of men and women both, although it is a common heart disease form. CHD has remained the foremost reason for the cause of death. The World Health Organization (W.H.O) has passed a report that shows thirty percent of death caused by only cardiac failure.

The right coronary artery stenosis could result in major heart problems. Hence, one need to know about the various risk factors or CHD that would help in determining about the disease. For this, one needs to know about the heart and its working. The heart act as pump that results in flow of blood around the body. There are coronary arteries present that let the heart getting a sufficient amount of nourishment. The coronary arteries have flexible and smooth walls that supply blood to the heart. After several years, these flexible walls get ruptured due to calcium, fats, debris, cholesterol and platelets. Once the arteries get damaged, then these substances stick to the wall of the artery that result in the coronary disease.

The build up in the arteries walls were known as atherosclerosis. This would then develop a substance in the arteries known as plaque. This plaque could be considered as the fat, dirt and minerals that were created in the heart and starts blocking the blood package. As the day passes by, the build up becomes thicker and blood could not be flown easily to heart. The blockage in the heart results in narrowing the arteries known as right coronary artery stenosis. This blockage is the major cause of cardiac disease that stops it function well.

Right Coronary Artery Stenosis
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