Coronary Stenosis

Coronary Stenosis is that situation in which a coronary artery got lessened and backed up in the company of materials like cholesterol or fat. Coronary artery is a blood container situated in the heart. The providing of blood to the heart is done by the coronary artery. If the artery got tapered, it can harshly affect the heart and its functioning, and possibly become critical. If the coronary artery got wounded, then it may result in Coronary Stenosis.

The solid material known as cholesterol get connect to the interior of blood vessels, affecting their capability to bring blood to the heart. The coronary artery got damaged due to the presence of cholesterol in the blood. Due to the presence of the large amount of cholesterol, the blood pressure also got increased. Smoking of cigarettes can also do the same, because of the presence of nicotine in cigarettes. As the nicotine makes the blood vessels lessened and blocked.

Gentle occasion of Coronary Stenosis might not contain any symptoms. Once the artery becomes more lessened, the situation becomes worse. It has rigid feeling in the chest as it battles with the clogged material to pass blood all the way. It may also create a problem in breathing, chiefly after some physical actions, because the heart didn’t have sufficient oxygen. If this is left untreated, the blood present in the artery may clot and block completely from giving the blood to the heart, might result in a heart attack.
Coronary Stenosis
Proper medications could be used for the treatment of Coronary Stenosis. As prescribed by the doctor, some blood thinning medicines could be taken, so that the blood can easily flow through a thin coronary artery. A person with a large amount of cholesterol can take medicines to lower the cholesterol present in the blood, resulting in the decrease of blockage. Medications lowering the blood pressure can stop stenosis from becoming worse.

Surgery is also an alternative for the handling of CS. The most common of the surgeries for the treatment of Coronary Stenosis is angioplasty. In this surgery, the surgeon slots an unfilled balloon in the clogged area and use a device to load balloon with air. This result in forcing surplus materials nearer to the walls of the artery, which further results in freezing space for the blood to push. There is also a more critical case of CS, in which greater than one artery is clogged. In this type of coronary stenosis, a bypass surgery is required. In a bypass surgery, the surgeon slices a piece of vein from a new part and joins it to the block area. This transmits blood around any lessened coronary arteries.

Age is also a factor of getting Coronary artery stenosis. It is more likely to happen to a person getting older. Heredity is also a reason in getting coronary artery stenosis, people may suffers by this disease inherently. Also, it is usually common in men than in women. Living an inactive life style may result in high danger of such coronary disease. This can be prohibited by doing daily exercise, having a low diet food, quitting the smoke and proper treatment.

Coronary Stenosis
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