Coronary Artery Stenosis

The coronary artery stenosis occurs due to the atherosclerosis that takes place in epicardial coronary arteries. The Atherosclerotic plaques affect the blood flow also narrow down that coronary artery lumen. The decrease in the coronary artery may give symptoms or not. It could occur during rest or while involving in any physical activity. This heart disease has resulted in increase number of death rate. Still now appropriate measures have to be taken minimizing the risk of heart failure in people.

According to the studies of American stroke Associations and American Heart Association, the heart disease has become the major cause of death among men and women. The statistic shows that 1.4 million people died every year in 2001 and one in three died in United States in 2003. The coronary artery stenosis is an inveterate process that starts from adult age and continues throughout the life. Any people could suffer from artery disease. The people whose history consists of the risk factors were mostly suffered from the coronary disease. Those people who smoke, have hypertension, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and obesity were mostly targeted. These are some of the major risk factors that arouse the inflammatory process that resulted in the fibrous atherosclerotic plaque.
Coronary Artery Stenosis
The foremost treatment process of the artery stenosis states to start treating endothelial injury. It begins with the fatty stripes development process that consists of the macrophage foam cells and ayherogenic lipoproteins. These fatty stripes were made between the internal elastic lamina and endothelium. At the same time, a lesion is formed by and smooth muscle layer and extra cellular lipid core also a fibrous cap is made by the connective tissues.

The people who suffered from coronary artery stenosis also have unstable angina pectoris, stable angina pectoris or myocardial infarction. One needs to be careful while dealing with such disease because it could be treated only if one gets treatment at the early stage. The patient should start seeking medical attention when they experience chest discomfort. Other patients may suffer from coronary artery disease and feel acute myocardial infarction or acute plaque failure. It is rather a challenging task to identify people with the high risk before giving any treatment. Hence, patients and doctors both need to have well educated to identify the symptoms and start proper treatment.

The people suffering by coronary artery disease need to have diagnosis that includes the history of patient, electrocardiogram and complete physical examination. After the completion of the early evaluation, later on certain tests have to be performed that includes cardiac catheterization, stress testing and blood test. These tests have to be done that would confirm the diagnosis result. The patient physical examination result would be normal in the case of both stable and unstable angina. Due to the risk factors or atherosclerosis will show whether the chest pain is associated with the myocardial ischemia. This examination includes the measurement of ankle–brachial index and blood pressure. Other examinations were also performed to find the shoulders, chest and neck deformities.

Coronary Artery Stenosis
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